Our Work

The Youth Climate Commission (YCC) is working with the Board of Supervisors, County departments, and young people to advance climate action. Below are some of the projects the YCC is leading:

LA County Youth Climate Priorities Report

A first ever survey of LA County youth on their climate priorities. The report provides a guide to the YCC and County leadership on focus areas for climate action.

2024 YCC Work Plan

The 2024 Work Plan provides a roadmap to support the advancement of the YCC's vision. It also lays out workstreams with specific tasks/activities for the year to turn goals into action.

The Strategic Outreach and Engagement Plan

Connecting with LA County youth and stakeholders is a critical piece of the YCC's work. The YCC developed the Strategic Outreach and Engagement Plan to ensure youth voices are heard and community partnerships nurtured.

YCC Newsletters

The YCC has a quarterly newsletter that provides updates on the work happening in the community and beyond. Sign up here.

April 2024 Newsletter