About Us


Concerned with pollution in their neighborhoods, the health of their families, and the global impacts of climate change, youth climate leaders across the County advocated for a Youth Climate Commission. The Board of Supervisors championed their cause, and on June 14, 2022, the Board formalized the Commission by adopting an Ordinance to establish the County’s first YCC. 


The YCC empowers youth and young adults to use their voices and agency to combat climate change in Los Angeles County.


The YCC advises the Board of Supervisors and County departments on policies, programs, and legislation related to climate change and works closely with youth across the County to amplify their voices. Commission meetings are held quarterly to discuss climate issues and advance the work of the Commission, and these meetings are open to the public. Each of the 25 Commissioners are appointed by the Board of Supervisors with five from each District. They actively engage with the community to learn about youth priorities and build local youth capacity to take climate action.   


  • Ensure youth leaders representative of the geographic and socioeconomic diversity of the region engage on climate change topics. 
  • Build the capacity of youth and young adults to be effective change agents. 
  • Provide insight, expertise, and leadership to effect transformative change in Los Angeles County.